Douglas Bruce, Founder of  the Digital Art Factory

Douglas Bruce, Founder of  the Digital Art Factory

The Digital Art Factory

was founded in 1991 in Los Angeles. The mission, to synthesize technology and digital imaging for broadcast design, graphics and advertising collateral in order to reach the largest possible demographic. In other words we build audiences with known methodologies and branding strategies.

We select and assemble small teams of creatives specializing in knowledge of your product landscape, people who will understand your audience on a deeper level and then design and produce creative work which moves your communication and branding strategies forward. 

Digital Art Factory can also utilize your companies products 3D data sets and turn them into spectacular images for advertising and communications assets. This helps to streamline your costs and diversify content production. This technology brings production flexibility to your marketing needs that is invaluable as well as efficient. 

Digital Art Factory can help reinvent the way you and your customers see your companies brand and its products.

Douglas Bruce Digital Art Factory/TOYMayker